Discovering the territory of the Province of Oristano, a corner of Sardinia still to be discovered.

West coast of SardiniaThe REGION


Marina di Torregrande is a small tourist resort, about seven kilometers from Oristano, near the sanctuary of Nostra Signora del Rimedio. The beach, formed by the deposits of the Tirso river, is very large, behind it there is a beautiful tree-lined promenade where, during the summer, vacationers take long walks. A perfectly preserved Spanish tower, the largest in Sardinia, dominates the bay, while, to the north, there is the tourist port, one of the best equipped on the island. Beaches The beach of Marina di Torregrande is dominated by the largest Spanish coastal tower in Sardinia. Just seven kilometers from the city of Oristano, this long coastline is considered the city beach, and is very popular with the inhabitants of Oristano.
Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

A really beautiful stretch of Sardinian coast, often far from the invasions of tourists from other areas of the most famous island. And yet, in terms of beauty, the central part of the west coast of Sardinia has nothing to envy to the other coasts of our beautiful region. We are talking about the Oristano and its beautiful beaches. Extremely long stretches of white sand beaches and crystal clear water alternate with more inaccessible but extremely suggestive areas. The most famous Is Aruttas, is located in the Sins of San Giovanni, with its white sand composed of quartz beads. Going north we find the beaches of S'Arena Scoada, Putzu Idu and Sa Mesa Longa. Continuing north we find the beaches, a little more rocky than Torre del Pozzo and S’archittu. In the area of Bosa in an almost hidden bay, we find the small but beautiful white sand beach of Compoltitu.

Windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing and SUP

On the west coast of Sardinia, there are the most beautiful and radical spots, appreciated throughout Europe and known throughout the world. The most famous in the marina of San Vero Milis, Capo Mannu with its "almost" ocean waves and the Mini Capo with its smooth waves. Going a little further north we find a spot almost exclusively for surfing and SUP, Sa Mesa Longa also called "Laguna" for its particular conformation. In Sinis, on the other hand, a very well-known commercial also featured in the Italian Wave Championship is Funtana Meiga, exclusive to windsurfing, while for the kite the spot is Mari Ermi. Also in Torregrande above all with the sirocco some beautiful waves are formed on the left.

Giants, Nuraghi and Fairies

Sardinia is one of the oldest territories in Europe at the center of the Mediterranean and has a long history. Perhaps one of the most famous symbols are the nuraghi scattered in thousands in its territory. There Nuragic civilization was born and developed in Sardinia, embracing a period of time ranging from the full Bronze Age (1800 BC) to the 2nd century BC, now in Roman times. One of the latest discoveries that could rewrite part of history is the discovery of huge statues of boxers and warriors called "Giants" not far from Tharros, a city founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC. near a pre-existing nuragic village. Then visit many other archaeological sites from the giants' tombs to the Domus de Janas (fairy houses).


The climate of the province is the typical Mediterranean climate, with mild winter and good humidity, and hot and dry summer. Precipitation is concentrated mainly in the autumn and winter months and rarely, even in mountain areas, they take on snow. Winter temperatures drop below zero on a few occasions and average around 10 ° C, while summer temperatures reach and exceed 30 ° C even for long periods. So to stay in the province of Oristano you don't need particularly heavy clothing, on the contrary, with rare exceptions, typically summer clothes can be worn from mid-May to mid-October.


Two different worlds combine to make the province of Oristano a coveted destination for all gourmets. The area of ​​the coast offers a cuisine characterized by the freshest products of the sea and the ponds of Cabras, Santa Giusta and Marceddì. Mullets and eels, sea bass and sea bream, clams and sea urchins in the most varied preparations make an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the Oristano coasts. It is forbidden to leave without having tasted, at least once, a mixed grill, the mrecca and the burrida in Cabras, the azada in Bosa, the clams of Marceddì, the spaghetti with urchins and the bottarga. A world apart, from a gastronomic point of view, is represented by inland areas. Here the meats and cheeses are the masters. Excellent cured meats, lorighittas and malloreddus, perhaps seasoned with sauces based on wild boar or sausage, lambs, suckling pigs or kid on a spit, the red ox meat of Montiferru, as well as a good pecorino or casizolu, will awaken the dormant memories of good things than once. Because here the livestock is still bred with traditional methods and the resulting products have ancient and almost forgotten flavors. A good amaretto, a mostacciolo, many other almond-based desserts, tzipulas at carnival or pardulas in the Easter period, accompanied by a glass of vernaccia or malvasia, constitute the worthy conclusion of a typical meal.


Food and wine products and handicrafts are the souvenirs that every visitor should take away with him at the end of his stay in the province of Oristano. Among the first you cannot do without the mullet bottarga produced in Cabras, the Montiferru olive oil, the casizolu, a typical Santulussurgiu cheese, the honey produced by numerous beekeepers throughout the province, or the lorighittas, the traditional Morgongiori pasta strictly handmade. Even a good bottle can not miss, and above all two wines stand out: the vernaccia, produced in a limited area just north of Oristano, and the Malvasia della Planargia. Valuable productions characterize the local handicraft: the textile art reaches its top in Mogoro and Samugheo, the ceramics in Oristano and Cabras, the leather processing in Santulussurgiu, as well as the typical jack knife, the basket in San Vero Milis and Flussio, the gold filigree jewels in Bosa and Oristano.


Hundreds of historical, folkloristic, food and wine events welcome visitors throughout the year. Limiting ourselves only to some of the most important, we cite at Carnival the Sartiglia of Oristano and Sa Carrela 'and nanti of Santulussurgiu, in July the Ardia of Sedilo and the Regata de is fassonis in Santa Giusta, and in September the Corsa dei scalzi in honor of San Salvatore in Cabras.


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